3 Surefire Tips to Earning More Profit
When Selling On Facebook

Making profit is the ultimate agenda of setting up a business. As a conscious entrepreneur, you cannot invest your hard-earned revenue on a venture that you are sure the results will be a loss. You will avoid such an idea like the plague. It is for this reason every business consultant will advise you to conduct a feasibility study before giving your business idea the green light.

When you decide to start selling on Facebook, you must as well determine whether it will be a worthy idea or not. Like other selling channels, you do not relax and settle for little revenue. Your goal is to maximize your profit from any channel you are using to drive sales. Nevertheless, you need some pointers to realize this objective. Here are 4 tips you can use to maximize your profits as a Facebook webpreneur:

Focus on your social followers

Indeed, you have a bunch of friends following your Facebook profile. Also, if you already have a page for your business, people like it. Before getting out your message to the crowd, this population should be your first target. People following you on Facebook love various things about you. Some like your professionalism. Others love how you help them solve multiple social and life issues and so on. 

Due to this aspect, they desire to see you prosper in your life. Hence, when you inform them about a product or a service you are offering they will readily turn into customers. Also, they are likely to become your brand ambassadors without requesting compensation or a favor in return. So, when selling on Facebook, it is wise to target your social followers as your first customer tier.


Utilize the power of Facebook Ads

If you are looking for a value for your money, Facebook ads should be your first thought. Unlike other paid online advertising options, these ads enable you to fetch more returns at a lower cost. Facebook ads are customizable. By this, it means that you can define whom you want to reach with them. You can select your audience by their age, gender, demographic location, niche, and so on.  

For instance, if you are offering online games targeting millennials, you have an opportunity to customize your ads to only display on their newsfeed. As such, employing these ads when selling on Facebook helps you to reach out to the right customers with the right product and at the right place. Through this combination, the results will be more revenues in your wallet.

Create a Facebook page for your business

From the word go, a business is a legal entity. You and your business are separate persons before the eyes of the law. This approach does not only apply in the legal corridors. Separating your identity and that of your business can be the only miracle you require to turn your profits around.  

When selling on Facebook creating a page for your business is a good idea. The step enables you to build an independent identity for your business. Hence, people will be dealing with your venture and not a single person. This way, you create a sense of professionalism leading to increased revenues and profitability. Remember, people are likely to trust a business entity more than they will do to a single person. Also, having a business page will eliminate personalized biases and prejudice. All the listed factors have an impact on your profits.


In a word, selling on Facebook is a worthy idea. However, you must come up with several ways of leveraging profits from this approach. Some of these ways include targeting your social followers, having a business page, and utilizing Facebook ads.

Selling On Facebook

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